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Instructions to the Authors

Instructions to the Authors

Read carefully these instructions to submit your manuscript for fast publication.

Preparation of Manuscript Format

  • Prepare the manuscript using MS Word with A4 size paper.
  • Use Times New Roman font size 12. 
  • Use single spacing.
  • Bold and Italic your Headings in the manuscript.
  • Use Illustrations/tables less than 6 in the text file.
  • Name in the caption of the Illustrations/tables in the manuscript.

Abstract and Keywords

Your Abstract should not be more than 300 words while keywords should be no more than 6.


We accept any format of referencing.

Publication Charges

The Pharma Education does not charge any fee for submission, processing, and publication of the manuscript.

Submission of Manuscript

You can send your manuscript on thepharmaeducation@gmail.com with following details
  • Title of Article
  • Type of Article
  • Author Name(s)
  • Affiliation of Author(s)
  • Institution Name
  • Correspondence Name, Contact No. and Email address

Publication of Manuscript

After submission, your manuscript will be review. After acceptance, your manuscript will be published on our website as well as in our PDF journal-type format.